Show Stoppers Beauty Hybrid Wig

Show Stoppers Beauty Hybrid Wigs are unique and of the highest quality of synthetic hair. Designed with a special heat-resistant synthetic blend, these wigs are to replicate human hair as much as possible. Show Stoppers Beauty Hybrid Wig comes with a specially designed "Magic Melting Lace." When "Magic Melting Lace" is fixed down properly it will blend and melt to any skin complexion. You can dye the lace but there is no need to. Included in each lace front comes with a custom hairline to help the wig look as natural as possible, an adjustable strap so one size fits all, and an official logo embroidery on the inside. Show Stoppers Beauty wig line will range between the prices of $55-$72. The wigs will come in endless colors and styles. All of these components for an affordable price is what makes this wig a hybrid. "Be Bold, Be Unique, Be A Show Stopper."